RBG and her comments on Trump

I really don’t understand why anyone considers her comments to be inappropriate. Are they saying she shouldn’t be allowed to state her opinion, or that she shouldn’t have one? If it’s the latter….humans are incapable of not having an opinion. Of course every Justice has an opinion and a preferred presidential candidate, and they are going to have that opinion whether it’s stated openly or not. Every person has experiences that shape their philosophy regarding many things in life, and Supreme Court Justices aren’t immune. Their opinions regarding these things undoubtedly affect their perspective when hearing different cases. What else would anyone accredit their differences of opinions to if not their experiences? And to those who are okay with her having an opinion but saying she shouldn’t be stating it publicly; do you believe that stating an opinion that one is going to hold true regardless of being stated is going to have bearing on their impartiality? It isn’t…her rulings will remain unchanged whether she’s stating her opinion about the 2016 election or not.

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