Disproving the Nemesis Cyclic Mass Extinction Event Theory

The Nemesis theory aims to give explanation to the apparent 26 million year interval of mass extinctions on Earth. It suggests that an orbiting body too far to be seen from the Earth, come into orbit around the Earth every 26 million years, give or take a few million years. Off of this gigantic theoretical ‘body’ of mass, comes other dusty masses flying off and hitting Earth, along with the alteration of the Earth’s revolutionary pattern around the sun into an ellipse. It sounds like a great theory to explain this strange coincidence in regular placed extinction event intervals on the surface. But it cannot be true for the simple fact that there is no mass or body in our galaxy with any gravitational pull to navigate this object in the elliptical form that claims to have steer it. Outside of our solar system, gravity cease to exist. If you push something, it will literally continue in that direction forever until it comes in contact with another object that either destroys it, or alters its path. So what exactly is the mass with gravitational pull that is supposed to navigate this large-enough-to-extinct-life-on-Earth object? Beats me.


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